Workshop on nautical tourism on the Sava river

Yesterday in the Nature Park, part of the "Discover Posavina -Development and promotion of joint tourist offer of the regionPosavina", workshop was held on marine tourism on the Sava River.

The workshop was opened by Ivo Basic, adviser to the Croatian Ministry of Tourism with the presentation of the Strategy for the Development of Tourism, with emphasis on continental and marinetourism. He pointed out that nautical tourism on rivers in Croatia has been on the margins of public interest, and that this workshopcontribute to encourage dialogue on the future development. RenataKadrić from CRUP briefly presented the project "Discover Posavina"and gave an overview of current and future activities in the project. In the technical part of the workshop, presentations were given byBrendan Zvocak from the Port of Vukovar, Milan Stevanovic from the First Steamship Company Belgrade and Mario Vlahinić from River menagement of Sisak. Zrinko Zvocak spoke about the current development of nautical tourism in the rivers Drava and Danube, as well as opportunities to use these experiences as a basis for the development of this type of tourism on the river. Milan Stevanovic has shared his experience of riveragent for tourist tours on the rivers in Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, said that the area of Posavinaexceptional tourist attractions. Mario Vlahinić presented the experience of the Port of Sisak in building and equippingpassenger port, and advised the audience about all the procedures and the problems they may encounter in the process. At the end of the workshop, Selma Osmanagić Klico from COOR presented a project initiative to establish anassociation of tourism professionals Posavina which would bring together interested parties from the one side and the other side basin river Sava. After the workshop was followed by a lunch at the tourist boat and ride on the routeKrapje-Jasenovac-Krapje.

The conclusion of the workshop is that there is great potential and interest for the development of nautical tourism on the river Sava, and that more such initiatives in order to bring together experts in this field, as well as representatives of local communities from the region of Posavina.

Project "Discover Posavina" is co-financed by the European Union under IPA border cooperation Croatia - Bosnia and Herzegovina, and is conducted by the Centre for Environmentally Sustainable Development (CESD) in Sarajevo and the Centre for Development of Inland Navigation (CRUP) from Zagreb.

Newada Duo
Ris Comex